Slot Machine (Online): Rags to Riches

It’s okay to admit that you’ve entertained fantasies about what you would do if you won a significant amount of money playing slots online. You may make a purchase of a luxurious new automobile, or you could take pleasure in a glass of the world’s finest whiskey as you are making preparations for a short trip across the world. There is nothing quite like daydreaming about what it would be like to live a life of wealth and indulgence, regardless of what you may think about it.

Rags to Riches is a tongue-in-cheek online slot game developed by Cryptologic. It gives players the opportunity to realize their wildest dreams by allowing them to witness the transformation of ordinary, daily objects into symbols of affluence right in front of their very eyes. However, despite the fact that it packs a strong punch in terms of the possible payouts, this online slot machine presents some hilariously original comedic content throughout the reels. Consequently, if you are interested in playing slots online for real money, this game is one that you should pay considerable attention to. First, let’s take a more in-depth look at the information that you might anticipate finding on this small number.


Rags to Riches is a slot machine that utilizes a grid configuration that is 3×5 reels and may activate up to 20 paylines. The audio and artwork are really stunning, and the gameplay is as fluid and streamlined as it possibly can be. This is one of the many things that Cryptologic is known for. Of course, one of the most fun components of this title is the fact that some of the symbols on the reels shift from seemingly regular (read: poor) goods to ones which you would more than likely find in the houses of the affluent, when you hit a winning combination.

The aforementioned symbols consist of a sign that reads “For Sale,” a cardboard box, a homeless guy, a skateboard, a wealthy man, a pair of worn-out sneakers, a bowl of soup, a pile of gold bars, a heavy cigar, and a couple of skateboards. Although there is no Wild sign in the game, the game logo serves as the Scatter symbol. If you collect two of these symbols anywhere on the reels, you will receive a return of your wager, and if you collect three or more of them, you will be able to activate the Bonus Game.

There is a need that all twenty paylines be engaged in order to trigger the Bonus Game, which will result in you being presented with a random number that falls somewhere between 1 and 49. To determine whether the following number will be of a greater or lower value, it is your responsibility to make an estimate. If you are able to accurately guess through all four stages, you will be able to play the Jackpot Game. You are presented with a map that has sixteen blocks, and you have just one opportunity to accurately locate the prize.

Despite the fact that there are a few frills and fusses that might disrupt your gaming, the game’s basics are pretty plain and easy to understand. In the event that you truly feel the need to remove your eyes off the screen and concentrate on other things, there is also a mode called Autoplay that you may engage to allow the reels to spin on their own.


Rags to Riches is an online slot game that you should unquestionably check out if you appreciate playing slots for real money online. Whether you choose to play the full twenty paylines or play it safe with less than that, you are sure to score some excellent rewards. The animations that are shown across the reels are really engaging, and you are sure to win substantial amounts of money.

The game may be played at 888 Casino, where new players have the opportunity to take advantage of a welcome deposit bonus that is exceptionally lucrative. Once you are inside, you will have the opportunity to play a variety of additional online slot games that are developed by Cryptologic. Therefore, even if it turns out that Rags to Riches is not your absolute favorite, you will still be able to locate one inside the game in no time at all.

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