Slot Overview: Neko’s Nightmare Drop

Relax Gaming’s online slot Neko Night Dream Drop offers jackpot hunters the chance to mount up and take a virtual vacation to Asia. This slot machine, as its moniker indicates, is yet another addition to the ever-expanding Dream Drop jackpot family of games. It’s a departure from the recent games we’ve reviewed, most of which were remakes or sequels to previous titles. Neko Night Dream Drop is an innovative slot machine with five progressive jackpots and special features like Neko Re-spins and free games that may increase your winnings by as much as 10 million big ones.

One of ‘Neko’s many interpretations is the Japanese term for cat. Have you ever seen one of those waving Lucky Cats, which are all the rage in Asia? Maneki Neko appear frequently in Neko Night Dream Drop, a sushi-themed puzzler developed by Relax Gaming. The game takes place on a 5×4 grid and is situated in a clean and orderly Japanese neighborhood at night, giving off an air of futuristic neon suburbia. Neko Night Dream Drop is a refreshingly different and minimalistic place to try your luck if you’re a serious jackpot hunter.

You may try your luck on any device, with stakes ranging from 20 percent to 100 pounds or euros every paid gaming round. A jackpot victory is possible with any wager, but the odds increase with the size of the wager. Considering that the jackpot contribution is just 12% of the total stake, Neko Night Dream Drop’s RTP of 93.89% is on level with the others in the range to date, despite its seemingly poor appearance in comparison to a standard slot. Neko Night Dream Drop was a very unstable game that was difficult to master.

If you spin the reels from left to right, beginning at the far left, and land at least three identical symbols, you win the standard amount. Players can choose any available row, giving them a total of 1,024 possible outcomes. Lower paying symbols are J through A style Asian playing cards, paying 1x the bet for five, while higher paying symbols include origami, bottles, sushi, a random cultural object, and a lady, paying 4-20x the wager for five of a kind. One of the features is activated by wilds, so let’s have a look at it.

Slot Features in Neko’s Night Dream Drop

The middle three reels are where you’ll find the game’s wild symbols, and whenever you land one, the multiplier amount shown above it will rise by one. Neko re-spins are rewarded when a wild symbol appears in play. A further respin will be granted if more wilds appear during the current one. Wild symbols that appear directly beneath the multiplier symbols on the same reel receive the corresponding multiplier value. When more than one wild contributes to a win, all of the multipliers are added together. In the original game, multipliers are reset once a sequence of spins ends.

No Risk Turns

When a player collects 3 scatters during a gaming round, they are awarded 8 free spins. During free spins, Neko respins are also available, but the wild multiplier values do not reset between spins. Furthermore, the multiplier values accumulated on the basic game spin that triggered the free spins feature are carried through. Every time a scatter appears, the bonus round might be prolonged by one free game.

Cash Prize Spin

In the main game, the Jackpot Spins feature might activate at any time. This is a one-time only event where the whole 5×4 playing field is filled with blanks or DD symbols. The Dream Drop Bonus Game activates if the player gets at least one DD symbol on each reel.

The main Dream Drop Bonus Game takes place on a 5×5 grid where either blanks or DD symbols might appear. The reels will continue to spin until one of them reaches the required number of DD symbols, at which point the associated jackpot will be awarded. To win the Mini, Minor, Major, or Mega jackpot, you need 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 DD symbols. The Mega jackpot begins at €500,000 and climbs at predetermined intervals until it reaches €10,000,000. The minimum wagers for the Rapid, Midi, Maxi, and Major jackpots are €1, €5, and €100, and €25,000, respectively.

Slot Result From Neko’s Dream World

Neko Night Dream Drop might not be the best choice if you’re planning on spending the evening psychologically relaxing with a bowl of ramen and some pearl milk tea while in Asia. During testing, we found that triggering the game’s free spins was about as simple as doing a Sudoku puzzle while blindfolded and with one hand tied behind your back. We jest, but you should be ready for stretches of time where nothing of importance happens in the main game.

No one is denying its possibility, though, and even the non-jackpot maximum gain of 20,000x the wager is substantial. You can only win up to this amount, but after seeing multipliers stack like crazy in other Relax Gaming slots like Top Dawg$, you know it’s feasible. We assume that most players plowing through Neko Night Dream Drop will have your sights set on the Mega prize, but we acknowledge that side wins are pleasant. Fair enough, but snagging a million Euro jackpot isn’t exactly a stroll in the park, and getting people interested in the rest of Neko Night Dream Drop might not be easy, either.

While the origami and sushi in Neko Night Dream Drop may give the impression of a lighthearted game, this is one that is not to be trifled with. If you get it during a really rough patch, it might feel like your nostrils are on fire from eating too much wasabi. Remember that Neko Night Dream Drop is connected to a jackpot that increases in value with every coin you drop into it. On the other hand, it’s set in a stylish Asian metropolis and features a progressive wild multiplier and Re-spin feature that might lead to some exciting wins.

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